Portrait photographer, join the 5-Day Booking Boost for a clear path to more sessions right now…without giving up your family time.

This Challenge Is Now Closed

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Why You Should Stop Doing Mini-Sessions:

  • You spend hours editing countless photos.
  • ​You miss all the fun fall moments with your family.
  • ​You spent hundreds of dollars on props.
  • Your clients don't appreciate your photo’s true value (they never get printed).

Day 1: A Better Way to Fill Your Calendar with Sessions and Put Family First

Day 2: 3 Big Moves that Will Increase Your Photography Income 

Day 3: The 4 Overlooked Steps to Get Clients to Book You vs the Competition

Day 4: 77 Resources to Help Grow Your Photography Business Faster

Day 5: 5 Things Every Photographer Needs to Succeed in an Uncertain Economy

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